What should I do before buying a home?

Reasons Why a Plumbing Inspection is Important for New Homeowners


Marietta PlumberBuying a home is an expensive investment, and new homeowners want to make sure that they are getting their money’s worth. One area that concern many people looking to buy their first home is the state of the home’s plumbing. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned homebuyer, you will find value in using a professional to assess the state of your plumbing.

Saves You Money and Future Headaches: The opportunity to determine how much money you will need to spend on plumbing repair, if any, is one reason professional inspections are essential. In fact, presence of a plumbing problem can help you negotiate a better price for the home or assist you in deciding if you want the home. Proper maintenance of your home through an annual scheduled system inspection with a professional can help you avoid future annoyances.

Plumbing Is Out of Sight: Plumbing structures are typically hidden behind your home’s floors, ceilings, and walls; as such, some people may choose to overlook their plumbing system or relegate it to the shelf. However, the things that are not readily visible in your home are just as important as the visible aspects. Appearances can also be deceiving because even sewer lines, pipes, and drains in well-kept homes are subject to problems, such as blockage, erosion, and breaks. A thorough inspection should include assessment of all plumbing appliances, such as water heaters, water filters, and softeners. These devices work in tandem to create functionality, efficiency, and flow to meet your needs and make your home livable.

Water and Energy Conservation: A minor leak in a home can threaten a home’s structural reliability and result in expensive water bills. Markedly, water leaks behind fixtures are also a health concern because they can lead to mold growth. The causes of leaks vary immensely, from shifting soil and collapsed pipes to corrosion. A trusted plumbing technician can alert you to such problems in a timely fashion to prevent costly repairs, to guard your health, to help you conserve energy, and to protect your investment.

The state of your plumbing plays an important part in the overall quality of your home. A plumbing inspection by a professional offers new homeowners a peace of mind and ensures the comfort that accompanies a proper functioning system.

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Why is my garbage disposal not working?

Reasons why your garbage disposal gets jammed


Marietta Garbage-Disposal-ServicesThere are any number of reasons why your garbage disposal gets jammed. One reason is that the wrong type of item falls in by accident. For example, a piece of silverware, such as a fork or knife, may get into your garbage disposal as you fill the sink with dirty dishes after dinner. Perhaps a plate or glass breaks in the sink and a piece of the broken item falls in. Either one of these can grind the gears in your garbage disposal and cause a nasty jam.

Another reason your garbage disposal can get jammed is that someone places an inappropriate article in it deliberately. Hopefully the adults in your household wouldn’t do such a thing! Most likely though, if your garbage disposal gets stuck and you have a young child, you may find a doll’s arm or plastic soldier wedged in there, causing the jam.

Hard water and a lack of cleaning can also cause your garbage disposal to jam. Hard water may leave mineral deposits on the working parts of your garbage disposal. These deposits can be cleaned by pouring vinegar down your garbage disposal on a regular basis (check with the manufacturer first, however). Over time, the mineral deposits can become heavy enough to cause your garbage disposal to grind to a halt, literally.

Arguably the most common way to jam a garbage disposal is simply by putting too many items in it. Like anything else, your garbage disposal has a limit to how much it can handle at any one time. Think of your washing machine with a load that is too large. In the same way, by placing too much food at one time in your garbage disposal, you may find that it jams frequently.

These are just a few of the reasons why you garbage disposal gets jammed. With a little bit of care, you can avoid trouble with your garbage disposal and more importantly, you can avoid an unnecessary repair bill.

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Why is my drain clogged?

Dangers Of Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line


Marietta PlumberThe penetration of tree roots into the sewer lines is a problem that can eventually cause the need to replace the pipes. If you want to avoid a complete sewer line replacement in the near future, then you need to keep tree roots out of sewer lines. Tree root infiltration causes damage to sewer line. Sewer lines create a nutrient-rich environment for tree roots to thrive on. Once roots have made their way into the sewer, they can block the pipes and cause drainage problems, which often requires complete replacement of the sewer lines. There are things that can be done to prevent root damage and keep your home’s waste plumbing flowing freely.

If you are a property owner who is experiencing sewer backups, you will discover that tree roots in your sewers are to be blamed for your sewer problems. You need to understand that tree roots invade sewer lines that have broken as a result of earth settlement, age or dried joints, and leak sewage. Adjacent roots from shrubbery or trees, which need nutrients and moisture, soon invade the surrounding area. Tree roots enter the already defective sewer line and eventually block the flow. If you suspect that tree roots are invading your sewer line, call a licensed plumbing company and have the sewer line cleared.

It is advisable to hire the services of a qualified plumber if you do not have proper training in this area. While a bit of DIY is not a bad thing sometimes, plumbing problem is a serious matter, and any serious plumbing issues can lead to more costly repairs if not handled correctly and promptly. If you really don’t have the skills to deal with plumbing issues, then save yourself the hassles and trouble and let a qualified plumber handle the whole job. Attempting to fix plumbing problems without the proper knowledge and skills is not a wise thing to do and could get things wrong. Avoid spending far more money than you actually need to; get a professional plumber to fix the problems for you.

We have the expertise to fix the problem correctly. Our team of plumbing professionals are the most experienced and most qualified plumbing experts working today in this city. Our top-notch plumbers can accurately diagnose and quickly resolve all plumbing problems.

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How can I install a water heater?

DIY Plumbing Projects That Are Best Left To Professional Plumbers


Marietta PlumberDo it yourself home projects are very popular due in part to the many home improvement shows on TV. With their clear instructions and expert hosts, they make anyone who watches them believe that they can fix anything in their home with the right tools and know how. While that is true for some projects, there is a reason contractors make good money building and fixing up homes. Plumbing is one such area of home improvement. While some problems are easy to fix, plumbing in your home is much more complex than you think.

First, is it anything to do with your water main? The water main connects your home to the general water supply and any mistakes made tampering with it will flood your home. Instead, try to find out the problem in detail so you can the plumber when he arrives.

Another project to avoid doing yourself is anything electrical involved with your plumbing, such as your water heater. Water and electricity rarely make a good combination. In this case the plumber bill is cheaper than the potential hospital bill you risk trying to fix the issue yourself.

A deceptively simple job would be repairing or replacing drains. In fact, it takes proper training and knowledge of the type of drain in your home installation. Essentially, it is very easy to make a mistake and improperly install the drain. Consult with your plumber and have as much pertinent information about the original installation as possible.

In the end the guiding rules for deciding which plumbing DIY project to do is safety and expertise. If you don’t think you can do the project safely and properly, don’t hesitate to contact a good plumber. If you do want to know more about projects you can do don’t hesitate to ask the professionals when they fix your more pressing plumbing problems.

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