Is hiring a plumber for a home project worth it?

DIY Plumbing Projects That Are Best Left To Professional Plumbers


Marietta PlumberMore and more people are using the internet to research do it yourself (DIY) projects. While it is good to learn how to handle home repairs yourself, some jobs are best left to professionals, particularly when it involves plumbing. This article will discuss some plumbing jobs that are best left to professional plumbers.

Re-zoning the plumbing and heating pipes is a job that can provide numerous benefits including a more efficient heating layout, better comfort and control over the heating in your house, and the ability to have programmable zones. It is also a job that is best left to the pros. Many amateurs who try to re-zone their own homes end up with inefficiencies in their home layout that causes significant problems in the long run with poor heating results.

If you have your heat go out during a significant cold spell you should have a professional plumber view the situation right away. Frozen pipes often lead to burst pipes and even the process of thawing can be difficult with different strategies needed for copper pipes versus plastic pipes used in many modern homes. Further, burst pipes can lead to significant water and flood damage in your home and can therefore cause significant damage to your home. A professional can identify the likely spots for a burst pipe and can mitigate the damages as best as possible.

Another plumbing project that is best left to a professional plumber is any conversion change in your heating system typically from oil to gas. While there are many reasons for choosing a gas heating system the conversion to gas is typically beyond the purview of a DIY job. There is a significant risk of fire damage if gas lines are not being set up properly and can lead to significant home damage. Choose a professional plumber to handle any conversion in your heating system.

Some basic DIY plumbing jobs that people can handle includes installing thermostat, unclogging leaks, and replacing basic plumbing fixtures. The rest of the work is however best left to a professional plumber. Some jobs require the experience and expertise that only they can bring to the table.

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Why is it taking so long for the water in my home to heat up?

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance


Marietta Water heaterThe water heater is responsible for making certain you have hot water instantly in your shower, sinks, dishwasher, and your washing machine. You never really realize how import that appliance is until it stops working. One of the best ways to ensure that you never have to deal with a broken water heater is to identify some signs before it is too late. Here are a few signs that your water heater needs maintenance and you should contact a professional immediately.

The first sign that your water heater needs maintenance is when your water becomes cloudy. Run the water in the sink for a few minutes to see if it dissipates. If the water remains cloudy there could be a build up of deposits in your pipes. Corrosion and other factors can also cause the pipes to clog, and this is something you should leave to the professionals before you try fixing a clog near the hot water heater. When the water remains cloudy for extended periods of time it is best to call a professional plumber immediately.

The next sign that your water heater needs maintenance is when you have little pressure in your shower or sinks. Low pressure is a sure sign there is a clog in the pipes. This clog can be a number of things, and your plumber will be able to pinpoint where the problem is quickly. Once they identify the area of concern, they can get into the pipe and remove the clog. Never use chemicals to clean your pipes if you suspect a clog.

The last sign of problems with a water heater is for homeowners with gas heaters. When you smell rotten eggs in the water or near the hot water heater, this is a sign that the heater is leaking and you should contact a professional immediately. The smell is an artificial chemical the gas company uses so you can detect that normally odorless gas. A leak in the pipes can quickly be repaired if you have your plumber get to the problem quickly. Many times a corroded connection or leaking pipe can be addressed quickly if caught early enough.

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What can I do if I get frozen pipes?

How to Deal With Frozen Pipes


Marietta PlumberFrozen pipes can cause serious problems for a home-owner. The resulting damage can be expensive and may include water damage if the pipes burst. When water is frozen it expands. No matter what material your pipes are made out of the expanding process can possibly break the pipes. Pipes most likely to freeze are those that are outside or otherwise exposed to extreme cold temperatures.

There are way to prevent your pipes from freezing. Before the onset of winter be sure to drain your swimming pools and sprinkler water supply and drain, remove and store your outdoor hoses. Additionally, you can also consider installing products intended to insulate pipe such as pipe sleeves or or heat cables. Newspaper can be used as added insulation, but is not recommended as a long term solution.

You can take other precautions around the house such as allowing your facets to drip as running water will help to keep down the possibility of the freezing. You can open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warm air to circulate around the pipes. Be sure to put any hazardous cleaning materials out of the reach of children and pets. If you leave home for more than a few days, leave your thermostat set to a temperature no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

In spite of all of our best efforts the fact is that your pipes may still freeze up when you’re faced with severe cold and below freezing temperatures.

There are ways to thaw out frozen pipes, but doing it yourself could cause more problems. You may want to check other pipes throughout your home. Usually when one pipe freezes, more will follow.

Your best bet is to contact a local professional in your area who is equipped to handle the situation rather than attempting a DIY project. They will come to your home with the proper knowledge and tools to help unfreeze your pipes with minimal damage. In most cases, they can give you tips for future prevention.

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How can I make sure I’m hiring the right plumber?

Questions You Should Ask A Plumber Before Hiring One


Marietta PlumberIt is important for home owners to take the necessary steps to preserve the quality of the plumbing in their home. This is why many people will be seeking out a plumber in their area soon. When an issue does come up for a home owner, they want to make sure that they are getting the best service possible. It will be helpful for an owner to contact a plumbing team as soon as possible. They can then ask them a few questions about what needs to be done to mitigate the damage from these plumbing issues.

First, every owner will want to track down a plumber that can offer a preliminary inspection of a system. This will provide an overview of any type of plumbing issue that can suddenly affect the way that a system operates. If there is an ongoing issue, this can also help plumbers understand what repairs need to be done. This will also allow the plumbers to list out any types of quotes for the costs of these repairs. Owners should ask about this and determine whether they can afford to use this service.

It will also be essential for owners to check in to the credentials that are offered by some of these different plumbing professionals. This is where it will help to understand some of the certifications and licenses that plumbers can obtain in an area. Many of these plumbers will be able to discuss what credentials they have and how this prepared them to handle certain types of issues. Some consumers will want to gravitate towards hiring on a professional that can offer the widest range of training experience.

Finally, most consumers will want to discuss prevention strategies that they can use to keep this from happening again. They may want to briefly discuss long-term maintenance issues before they opt to hire on a plumber. The plumbing professional should be able to describe how this can be done. They can provide some insight in to local conditions that may actually affect the quality of plumbing in a home. This will be a good sign that the plumber will be ready to handle any sort of issue going forward.

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