Water Conservation in Georgia

Learn some valuable tips to help conserve water in your home!

water conservation in GA via plumbing maintenanceWater conservation is a national concern, but it is especially on the minds of the citizens of Georgia.  With dry conditions throughout the state, and nearly ten million citizens who need clean water for drinking and bathing, there is always a concern that some areas will end up with a short supply.  Unfortunately, your indoor plumbing could be causing major water waste without you even knowing it.  Below are some items to check on within your home as part of an ongoing effort to conserve Georgia’s water resources. [Read more…]

Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

Take care of your garbage disposal today to prevent further issues

garbage disposal maintenance
photo credit to Remodelista.com

General Electric first introduced the garbage disposal to American homes in 1935.  Today, it is estimated that 50% of U.S. households have one.  If yours is one of them, it is certain that the garbage disposal is among your favorite time-saving devices when tackling chores.  However, to keep your garbage disposal running in peak form requires some maintenance steps on your part.  Once a garbage disposal breaks down, it can block and clog drains and pipes, and these issues will require a plumber to fix. [Read more…]