Don’t Put These Items in Your Garbage Disposal

Get to know more about what doesn’t belong in your garbage disposal!

potato skins can clog disposals

It is estimated that 50% of American households own garbage disposals.  If you have one in your home, you appreciate just how much it speeds the process of cleaning up after a meal.  As we head towards the holidays, where you may find yourself entertaining more and cooking seasonal foods you don’t normally make during the year, it is a good time to refresh yourself on things you should not place in your disposal if you want to keep it running smoothly.

First and foremost, the garbage disposal is meant to handle only biodegradable food items.  This eliminates glass, plastic, metal, paper, matches, and cigarette butts.  However, even some food items are off limits as well. [Read more…]

Backups in your Shower/Tub Drain

Don’t damage your drains, prevent tub backup correctly

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While all drains have the potential to back up, your shower/tub drain is perhaps the most vulnerable, due to the hair that naturally washes off of us when we shower.  In fact, 99 percent of all tub and shower clogs are caused by hair.  You can purchase metal strainers for your drain, and these are quite effective in blocking larger objects, such as rings, razors, and toothpaste caps.  Unfortunately, there is no strainer fine enough to block hair from going through. [Read more…]