Camera Plumbing Inspections

home plumbing inspectionBefore you purchase a new home, it is generally recommended that you hire a home inspector to go through it first.  A home inspector will check the structural integrity of the home, as well as the interior plumbing, electrical system, heating, central air conditioning, the roof, attic, walls, ceilings, insulation, floors, doors, windows, basement, and foundation.  Home inspectors conduct a thorough visual check for defects that could cause you costly repairs in the future.  What they do not do, however, is check out the inside of your plumbing pipes to see how healthy they are.  That is why we strongly recommend hiring a professional to conduct a plumbing camera inspection in addition to a home inspection. [Read more…]

Winter Plumbing Tips

winter plumbing tipsPerhaps the most common plumbing inconveniences tied to winter weather are frozen and/or burst pipes.  If standing water freezes in a pipe, it will expand as it hardens.  The expansion blocks the pipe, giving the moving water nowhere to flow.  Eventually, this buildup of water causes pressure that will force a pipe to burst, causing serious damage to your home.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by Georgia’s mild climate; pipes can freeze and burst just as easily here as they can in colder northern climates.  Anytime the outdoor temperature is slated to go below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, you are at risk of this happening in your home.  Luckily, there are some ways in which you can minimize this risk. [Read more…]