What can I do if I get frozen pipes?

How to Deal With Frozen Pipes


Marietta PlumberFrozen pipes can cause serious problems for a home-owner. The resulting damage can be expensive and may include water damage if the pipes burst. When water is frozen it expands. No matter what material your pipes are made out of the expanding process can possibly break the pipes. Pipes most likely to freeze are those that are outside or otherwise exposed to extreme cold temperatures.

There are way to prevent your pipes from freezing. Before the onset of winter be sure to drain your swimming pools and sprinkler water supply and drain, remove and store your outdoor hoses. Additionally, you can also consider installing products intended to insulate pipe such as pipe sleeves or or heat cables. Newspaper can be used as added insulation, but is not recommended as a long term solution.

You can take other precautions around the house such as allowing your facets to drip as running water will help to keep down the possibility of the freezing. You can open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warm air to circulate around the pipes. Be sure to put any hazardous cleaning materials out of the reach of children and pets. If you leave home for more than a few days, leave your thermostat set to a temperature no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

In spite of all of our best efforts the fact is that your pipes may still freeze up when you’re faced with severe cold and below freezing temperatures.

There are ways to thaw out frozen pipes, but doing it yourself could cause more problems. You may want to check other pipes throughout your home. Usually when one pipe freezes, more will follow.

Your best bet is to contact a local professional in your area who is equipped to handle the situation rather than attempting a DIY project. They will come to your home with the proper knowledge and tools to help unfreeze your pipes with minimal damage. In most cases, they can give you tips for future prevention.

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What should I do in case of a plumbing emergency?

How To Handle a Plumbing Emergency


Marietta 24 Hour Emergency PlumberWhen a plumbing emergency strikes a home, it may cause a number of different issues that can affect home owners. Some people will naturally want to check out the options that they have when they get linked up with a plumbing team in their area. This can help them determine whether they can count on a team to help resolve these issues quickly. It may help to research some of the companies ahead of time, since this can yield some valuable information going forward. There are a few issues that may come up during a plumbing emergency, so it will help to stay prepared.

First, some companies may be able to guide home owners through some of the initial steps of the emergency. They may be able to work with the home owner to help them discover exactly what is going wrong. This can help the company decide whether they may need to send over a professional to help manage these issues soon. There are quite a few different people who may be able to spot some major leaks or other issues that are occurring on the line.

A number of people will generally be impressed by the speediness that emergency plumbing teams may have. They can show them the different types of solutions that can be done for common emergencies in homes. When a leak springs, these professionals will be able to quickly identify some of the different ways that a shut-off valve can be activated. Some people will be able to get linked up with a crew in their area soon, who may offer them the chance that they need to prevent major damage from evening occurring.

Ultimately, it will be essential to find a company with experience in an area of plumbing soon. They will be able to help people prevent damage and get their plumbing systems functional again soon. This should be a top priority for many businesses out there as well. They can work with a plumbing expert who excels at solving commercial emergencies along their waterlines. Some people will want to look through reviews to see how these plumbers have performed in the past.

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Is Your Sump Pump in Need of Maintenance?

Is your sump pump running up to speed?


Marietta Sump PumpYou may rely on a sump pump to help make sure that a section of your home stays dry throughout the rainy season. Some people will operate a sump pump in their basement if they routinely need to prevent water from flooding in to their homes. Because of this, the sump pump is a very vital piece of machinery that you will depend on each year. You will want to make sure that it is running at full capacity. It will be important to routinely check on it to make sure that it is running properly.

One of the first signs that your sump pump needs maintenance will simply be that it starts to struggle. You might notice that water is increasingly seeping in or rising faster than you had expected it to. You may have a basin that the sump pump sits in, which may be filling up to capacity levels. These should be major warning signs that the sump pump isn’t operating as it should. Think about contacting a repair team as soon as you notice that the unit needs help.

You might also be able to detect audible changes in the way that your sump pump is running throughout the day. Some owners may hear that their motor is running at high speeds continuously. It may be producing a high pitched sound that will clearly indicate that the unit is not working as it should. Think about checking to see if there is any visual indication that the unit is malfunctioning. These could be clear signs that your sump pump will need to be repaired by a trained technician soon.

Finally, you may want to test out your sump pump to see how it is working when it first starts up. It can be vital to think about checking your sump pump to make sure it can start properly. It may also use cycles, which can provide another test for the motor. Think about how you can check that the sump pump starts up properly when you turn it on and off. You may need to shut off its power source if you can’t easily access its switch.

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How To Handle a Plumbing Emergency in Marietta

Are you prepared for a plumbing emergency?


Marietta Emergency PlumberAs a home owner, there will be times when catastrophe strikes in the form of a plumbing emergency.

Normally that takes the form of a clogged pipe or drain. Clogged pipes or drains can be an annoying experience. If the pipes that are clogged are outtake pipes, water will typically begin to pool wherever it is that the pipe is blocked, making it a good idea to get in touch with a plumber in order to unblock them.

Even after you have unblocked your pipes, your plumber will usually let you know the cause of the problem so that you can take action. One of the biggest threats to your pipes is often, believe or not, tree roots. If your yard contains trees that have aggressive root systems, they will seek water where ever they can find it, and often work their way around and into pipes, cracking the pipe over time and blocking the outflow of water and waste. Arranging to cut trees or remove them when they are close to your water lines is a pretty good piece of advice.

Another type of plumbing emergency that we excel at fixing is a leaky pipe that is causing water to pool inside or underneath your home. Leaky pipes are very important to fix right away. If the pipe that is broken is a main pipe, it can mean going without water until the problem is fixed. In addition, if the water is starting to pool, the longer that it will sit there, the more you have a potential for flood damage within your home. As most people do not have flood insurance, it is definitely going to be a better investment to pick up the phone and call a plumber.

A professional plumbing service can find the problem almost immediately and make fixes that will last right away.

If you have a basement, there also can be problems with flooding during a heavy storm or snow melt. As it usually takes a while for the water table to drop back to normal, there can be extensive damage during the time period it takes for the water to recede. Plumbers are not ordinarily someone you might consider to help, and yet if you are interested in putting in a sump pump and piping it to remove water as the water table starts to rise, we are one of the most equipped services that you could call.

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