Bathroom Renovation

Turn your current bathroom into a relaxing oasis with professionally and efficiently installed shower, tub, sink and faucet fixtures. Call Pell Plumbing Company now at to schedule an in-home consultation to make your vision a reality today! We repair and install all makes and models.

bathroom_remodelLike any room in your home, bathrooms start to show their age and, in time, need repair. An inexpensive “facelift,” painting the walls and replacing faucets and fixtures, can improve the room’s look without a lot of time and expense.

But maybe your bath requires more than a facelift. Whether you have an older home that needs a complete bathroom remodel, or want to rearrange the fixtures, it’s a major project. You need to:

  • Demolish the existing bath.
  • Remove cabinets, sheetrock, bathtub or shower (or both), to access floor joists and 2×4 walls.
  • Expose all the plumbing you don’t normally see to move fixtures.

This is not a job for a typical homeowner, but requires a licensed general contractor, especially if you don’t have experience in this area.

A general contractor knows the order of production and keeps the job on track and on budget. Finding quality people is a major issue in any business. General contractors have already been through the trial-and-error process of vetting reliable craftsmen, and select subcontractors they use consistently. If you don’t have experience with craftsmen, this could be your biggest headache and lead to an unacceptable finished product. A licensed contractor will have all work inspected and be held accountable to perform within the applicable city, county or state codes.

If you decide to be the contractor, you can feel confident hiring Pell Plumbing for the plumbing portion. We’re licensed, insured and experienced professionals ready to take on any kitchen or bathroom renovation project. We take pride in helping you improve your home.

Ask about a few of our bathroom renovations. Keep in mind that most of our work is in the floor and walls, and not visible. But notice the quality of these jobs. In each case, experienced subcontractors created beautiful rooms for the homeowners.

Basement bathroom or bathroom addition increases home value

Installing a new bathroom in your house will increase its value. You have the opportunity to start from scratch and create any look that you want. Whether your basement bathroom will be purely economical or you’re after a stylish bathroom addition, Pell Plumbing can help you achieve your vision.

If you’re adding a second floor to your home or putting an addition on the back of a house, Pell can manage all the plumbing rough-in and fixture installation.

Pell manages kitchen remodels, too

Of course, the bath isn’t the only room in the house that needs attention. A kitchen remodel can mean anything from a facelift with a new faucet and countertops to a complete remodel. Again, we recommend using a licensed general contractor. A remodel includes demolition, replacing cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, trim and appliances (among other considerations), and is not for amateurs.

Would you like to add an island sink or pot filler? What about a second dishwasher or maybe a water filter under the sink? Kitchens are designed for beauty and functionality, and Pell Plumbing can meet all the plumbing needs of your kitchen remodel.

When you’re ready to update or add to your home, contact Pell Plumbing. You can feel confident hiring Pell Plumbing Co. We’re licensed, insured and experienced professionals ready to take on any kitchen or bathroom renovation project. We take pride in helping you improve your home.