Drain Snake Services

Have a stubborn drain clog? Our technicians at Pell Plumbing Company will help using the drain snake process. Call us today at for service in the Marietta area!

When chemicals don’t work: Drain snake, drain cleaner plumbing

When your drain stops working, it’s hard to know where to turn. You can’t see the problem, so you don’t know if it’s a blockage caused by organic elements like kitchen grease, soap, food particles or hair. Or maybe the problem is a foreign object such as a small toy, feminine products or roots. You can try chemicals or drain cleaner, but the blockage may take a while to clear – if it clears at all. That’s when it’s time to call the professionals at Pell Plumbing.

If you are looking for our Bio-Clean drain cleaner, it’s available too.

water running down in drainWhen a drain doesn’t clear with chemicals, we use our plumbing snake or rooter plumbing. Our plumbers use cables for any size drain, from the bathroom sink to the main sewer line. For especially tough blockages, we employ electric sewer machines to clear the problem. You can probably imagine that snaking drain lines can get messy. At Pell Plumbing, we take the necessary precautions to protect your property, and we clean up when we’re done.

If the technician feels there is a more serious problem, he can run a sewer camera down the line and actually see the problem. All our technicians have the expertise and equipment to accurately assess your drain’s condition and, if necessary, dig up the problem area and make a repair. Sometimes the drain line is in such poor condition that it’s best to replace the entire sewer pipe from the house to the street. Rest assured that Pell Plumbing can handle a situation like that, too. Then we’ll leave you with a written warranty, so you don’t have to worry about your plumbing repair failing again.

Pell Plumbing has the expertise and equipment to get you flowing again.