Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

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What is a Garbage Disposal?

Marietta-Garbage-Disposal-ServicesA garbage disposal is an electrical device that is attached to the underside of a kitchen sink and plugs into an outlet. This appliance allows easy disposal of food waste.

The basis of a garbage disposal is simple; the food is dropped into the device, which is then turned on to use its “teeth” to grind up the food into small pieces that can pass through the plumbing. Garbage disposals help save the environment by reducing landfill waste.

Pell Plumbing installs, repairs and/or replaces garbage disposals.

Like anything with moving parts, a little routine maintenance will help your disposal run better, last longer, with fewer problems.

What you should do…

  • Always turn the cold water on first, then the garbage disposal. The water will keep the food moving and be unlikely to cause a stoppage. The cold water will ensure that any grease that may get into the unit will be solidified and chopped up before reaching the trap.
  • Continue to run cold water for several seconds after grinding is complete to flush any debris down the drain line
  • To keep the blades sharp grind, hard materials such as small bones, fruit pits, and ice. A scouring action is created by the particles inside the grind chamber. To ensure optimum performance do this every month or so.
  • To keep your garbage disposal from smelling bad, use it often and with a lot of water. If your unit is omitting a foul odor already, pour about 2-3 cups of lemon juice or peelings from citrus fruits.

What you should NOT DO…

  • Don’t pour grease or fat down your garbage disposal or any drain. It can build up and cause drain blockages. Put grease in a jar or can and dispose in the trash.
  • Don’t use hot water when grinding food waste. You need the cold water to solidify any grease.  You can run hot water thru your garbage disposal between grinding periods.
  • Don’t fill the garbage disposal with a lot of vegetable peels all at once. Instead, turn the water and disposer on first and then feed the peels in gradually.
  • Don’t grind large amounts of egg shells or fibrous materials like corn husks, artichokes, rice, pasta, etc., to avoid possible drain blockage.
  • Don’t turn off garbage disposal until grinding is completed and only sound of motor and water is heard.

Following these few simple tips should allow you and your garbage disposal to spend many happy years together. If it is too late for you to heed this advice and your disposer has failed or your sink is clogged, call Pell Plumbing for garbage disposal repair. We can repair, replace or snake your drains.