Plumbing Estimates

Looking for quality plumbing services in the Marietta area that won’t strain your budget? Give our team at Pell Plumbing Company a call for fair and upfront pricing.

Receive fair, upfront pricing for plumbing services.

In the past, it was common to ask a plumber, “What do you charge per hour and how long do you think it will take?” This was a way to try to determine a plumbing estimate. The customer then watched every action the plumber took, checking the clock all the while. Would you be charged while the technician was talking on his cell phone?

This time-and-materials practice ultimately left customers feeling insecure about the service they received. Some of the problems are:

Why would two identical jobs have different prices?

plumbing-quoteTechnicians have different talents. Some are able to troubleshoot problems faster, and might have more experience; others just move more quickly and are more efficient. These issues are a big problem in the old time-and-material format. The price difference for basically the same job could be huge. At Pell Plumbing, we believe pricing needs to be consistent so customers know what to expect.

When does the time start and end?

Companies wanted to start and end the time when the tech pulls on to the property and pulls off. Customers want the time to start when the repair actually begins and ends. This could lead to a huge discrepancy in the expected total amount of the job. Price discrepancy almost always means unsatisfied customers.

What are material costs?

Customers are always concerned about material costs. And why is it so much? Because customers aren’t plumbers, they’re often not aware of the many costs involved. The customer needs to know the exact price to determine if the service fits their budget.

But there is a better way to provide pricing for plumbing services:

Introducing Pell Plumbing’s flat-rate pricing

When a Pell Plumbing technician arrives at your property, he will have a flat rate manual with thousands of fixed prices – good for any job. Before he begins any work, you’ll see a job description and the cost. No more wondering, “How did he get that price?”

Time and material still make the selling price. But instead of relying on the talents of an individual, Pell provides a plumbing quote using national averages of technicians’ time and materials required, as determined by the National Association of Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors. Jobs that are the same will cost the same. We know that, when customers ask for plumbing estimates, they really want to know the exact price. Knowing the price before work begins is what customers have always wanted. Only now, it’s in print.

The only way to receive an accurate plumbing quote is to have a qualified technician visually assess the situation. Then the tech can recommend specific action/s based on his evaluation.

Price Quotes

Depending on the scope of the project, Pell Plumbing offers a free quote on certain plumbing services. If you need a new water service or sewer line – for instance, if you’re remodeling a bathroom or installing a tankless water heater – then Pell Plumbing will provide a free price quote.

Smaller repairs, costing less than $500, simply don’t justify our technicians’ time to make two separate trips to the home. Because it costs money to send a qualified plumbing tech to provide this service, it’s simply not feasible to double the cost of a smaller job. Instead, we will provide a qualified technician to accurately assess your situation for a $59 dispatch fee. If you decide to do the job while our specialist is at your home, we will waive the dispatch fee.