Sewer Ejector – Sewage Pump Installation

Normal drainage system is designed to work by gravity, which means the bathroom fixtures are higher than the sewer and human waste can move downhill by gravity.

Marietta-Sewage-Pump-and-ejectorIf a bathroom is lower than a sewer, like in a basement, a sewer ejector is needed.

A Sewer Ejector is a pump that moves waste up hill. It is commonly designed to move liquid and solids from a basement bathroom to the house sewer. However, there are instances where the entire house uses a sewer ejector to pump sewage to the county sewer.

Because it can move liquids and solids, and discharges in to the sewer, it should not be confused with a sump pump. A sump is designed to move water only.

Pell Plumbing installs and repairs sewer ejector pumps.

Common Plumbing Issues with Sewer Ejectors

Can a clog from other toilets or the vent cause a sewer ejector pump to not work?
Proper venting is essential for water to drain. If a vent is blocked or not installed correctly it can affect the proper operation of the pump. Atmospheric pressure needs to be equal on both sides for water to drain. A blocked vent will create a vacuum and the pump may run but not be able to move the waste because of insufficient air flow.

Will an ejector pit keep my basement from flooding?
A sump pump is normally used to catch rain water that will flood a basement.

An ejector is a term used for sewer ejector: A pump designed to move human waste.

When the check valve kicks in, it can wake us up from a sound sleep. It makes a very loud “thunking”. Any ideas?
A valve should not be kicking in if everyone is sleeping. A running toilet may be sending water into the ejector pit, activating the pump even though no one is awake. As far as the “thunking noise,” this may be normal depending on how the discharge from the pump is piped. Waste is pumped up maybe 10 feet until the pit is emptied and the pump shuts off. When the pump shuts off, there is 10 feet waste that tries to drain back into the pit. There is a part called a check valve (allows water to flow in 1 direction) that prevents the water from flowing back into the pit. The check valve is slammed shut by the weight of the waste creating the “thunking” noise. Check that the discharge pipes are secured as best possible to reduce any vibration caused by the check valve closing. Because of the design some noise is normal.

Ejector pump tank full of water, after replacement with a new one, why?
Check to see if you have power at the electrical outlet. Then check to see if the float is stuck. When water fills the tank it will raise the float. When water gets to a certain level the float will activate the pump.

How to get rid of sewer smell in basement?
This is a common complaint. Not every fixture is used on a regular basis in basement bathroom. A toilet and sink are used most often, but rarely a tub. Every fixture has a trap. A trap is the “U” shaped pipe you see under your sink. This part is designed to hold water. The water in the trap prevents sewer gas from entering the room. When a fixture is not used for a period of time, the trap can evaporate allowing sewer gas to enter the room. Just run water and fill the trap.