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marietta-sewer-line-repairA sewer line can become messy to repair. Problems can occur inside a home or business, or outside under lawns and sidewalks. Since gas lines and other piping can be near sewer lines, you need to have a professional technician take care of the problem. Our technicians at Pell Plumbing Company are ready to handle your sewer line repair services in Marietta, GA. Take a look at our client testimonials to see what your neighbors have been saying about our work!

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Common Problems with Sewer Lines

If sewer lines are not cleaned and checked on a regular basis, they are likely to crack or experience blockage.

Blockages: Tree roots are usually the primary cause of problems in sewer lines—roots can find their way through cracks in the pipe and cause blockage. Foreign objects can also find their way into the sewer line and backup the system.

Cracks: Extreme hot or cold temperatures can also cause cracks and breaks in the line, leading to broken pipes that need professional repair.

Signs that sewer lines need repair include sinks or toilets that back up after heavy use, and finding out that what was flushed down the toilet is coming up through another drain. If anything out of the ordinary is happening with your plumbing system, contact your plumber to have the sewer lines checked and cleaned.

Sewer Line Maintenance and Repair Methods

Sewer lines can be checked, cleaned, and repaired using a variety of methods.

Hydrojetting: Sending a stream of high-pressure water through your sewer line is an effective way to thoroughly clean the system.

Chemical treatments: This method is used to destroy tree roots. A chemical foam is pumped through the pipes to clear out the roots.

Pipe relining: To prevent roots from growing into the sewer lines, pipes are relined with an internal coating.

Video inspection: A small TV camera is dropped into the sewer line to find the exact location of a break or blockage.

Our technicians will determine the best method depending on the specific problem, the easiest way to reach the sewer lines, and the kind of material the pipes are made of.

It’s a good idea to have sewer lines cleaned periodically even if there aren’t any noticeable problems. Proper maintenance can prevent future blockages or cracks, as well as detect smaller problems before they get worse.

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