Sump Pump Install, Repair & Replacement

Interested in having a worry-free basement when it comes fo flooding in Marietta? Give us a call today and see how a sump pump can save your basement from flooding issues.

marietta-sump-pumpA sump pump is a submersible pump that assists in keeping water out of the basement or crawl space of a home. A sump pump is placed in a hole in the basement or crawl space called a sump pit. If water were to enter the basement/crawl space the water will be directed into the pit and then pumped out side of the home. A sump pump can make the difference between a wet and dry basement. A sump pump is designed for rain water and not sewage.

Common Plumbing Questions/Issues with Sump Pumps

  • When it rains my pump runs about every 20 minutes. My builder says this is normal but is it?
  • How often should my sump pump come on?
  • What is typically used in a sump pump crock to support a pedestal type sump pump?
  • Should a sump pump automatically start working once the electricity is turned back on, or what should I do?
  • What happens when a sump pump is shooting water out the top of the outside pipes?
  • How can you tell if your sump pump system is installed properly?
  • What brand of sump pump will be best for outdoor use?
  • How much electricity does a sump pump use?
  • Hot water draining into sump pump well, where is it coming from?
  • What can I do to thaw the outdoor discharge to my sump pump?
  • What should I do in a flood with a sump pump?
  • What type of sump pump would you recommend for outdoor drainage?
  • The sump pump is removing a lot of water from basement. Is this normal?
  • What size Sump Pump drain hose, should I use?
  • Is there any way to install a sump pump in my backyard to pump the water to the street and out of my yard?
  • Can someone explain why I have a horrible smell coming from the sump pump in the basement?
  • How to finish my basement that has a sump pump in it?
  • Is it common for a sump pump crock to have drainage holes and is it necessary?