Toilet Repair & Installation

Have a clogged toilet in your Marietta home that won’t go away? Get it cleared and under control today. Call Pell Plumbing Company now at 770-499-2006. Our state of the art technology and green products will ensure your home’s toilet is freed from re-occurring clogs without destroying the environment.

toilet-diagramToilets come in various shapes and sizes and have various ways in which to be flushed.  Once flushed, the waste will exit to either the septic system or the city’s main sewer.

Pell Plumbing installs, repairs and replaces toilets.

Malfunctioning toilets are the number 1 cause of a high water bill. When people get a high water bill, the first thing they do is look around for wet spots or water running onto the floor or ground: basically where water is not supposed to be. People do not think about checking the toilet other than to see if water is on the floor.

When a toilet malfunctions, the internal parts are not working correctly, water will continue to run or not shut off. It may even be an intermittent problem. The water will seep out of the tank and into the bowl, then into the main drain. You never actually see it unless your check the toilet for proper operation. The tank will then refill while water seeps back into the bowl. This cycle creates the high water bill.

If you look at the diagram you will notice the float ball (older style). This device is designed to shut the water off after the tank is filled. If this part fails, water will continue to run.

Notice the flapper or tank ball. This part keeps the water in the tank. When it starts to go bad you will experience an intermittent problem, the tank will drain then refill. A common complaint is “the toilet is flushing on its own”. When the part deteriorates enough, water will continuously drain into the bowl.

These are two of the most common problems with a toilet. There are other gaskets and other devices that can contribute to the problem. Pell Plumbing is equipped to accurately diagnose and repair or replace any toilet.