Water Filter Install, Replacement & Repair

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Cobb County and the Atlanta area have awful tasting tap water. As a result, many people resort to bottled water to solve the problem, but water can be filtered cheaply and easily right at home, protecting your health, your wallet and the environment.

Marietta-Water-Filter-ServicesWater filters work at varying degrees to remove chemicals, bacteria and impurities from tap water. The water that comes out of taps and Your Water Filter Experts in Marietta showers is already processed through Cobb County Water, but the filtration system adds chemicals that should be removed later. Chlorine, for example, is often used to kill bacteria in tap water, but chlorine itself is harmful to the body if consumed steadily over long periods of time. Water filters use different systems to absorb such chemicals and impurities.

Different ways a home owner can further filter their water: using a special water pitcher that can be kept in the refrigerator; through a system installed on the water supply or through a filter attached directly to the tap.

Most water filters are carbon-based, and use substances like charcoal to absorb impurities. Charcoal’s porous surface traps large impurities, while the chemical nature of carbon allows it to bond with smaller impurities. Reverse osmosis is a fairly common process that works by forcing water against a membrane. Some water molecules bond with the membrane, allowing pure water to pass through but trapping contaminants. Because this method doesn’t generally capture biological pathogens, it is best combined with a carbon-based filter.

Benefits of Water Filters

Using a water filter provides benefits in two large areas of concern: health, and money. Filtered water contains far fewer harmful chemicals, volatile organic compounds and disease-causing bacteria, all of which can cause immediate or long-term health problems. A filtering pitcher costs about $15, and the filters need to be replaced every four to six months, depending on amount of use (replacement filters generally cost less than the pitcher). Tap filtration systems are generally around $30 and last longer. Or a whole house water filtration system can be installed on the main water supply coming into the house and provide safe, clean, drinkable water at every tap. In addition, it will also remove the chlorine and other compounds from laundry and bathing water. The initial cost for the installation can be $300.00 to $3000.00 depending on the sophistication of the unit. However, maintenance and water filter replacement will only be pennies on the dollar for the amount of gallons of clean water. This system offers protection for the entire house and is most economical for the amount of dispersed clean water.

The alternative, aside from drinking dirty water, is to buy bottled water. Bottled water costs a lot more, and is still more expensive than filtered even when buying in bulk. Bottled water does not offer any protection for your skin and hair while bathing. Over time, using a filtration system can save huge amounts of money over bottled water. An added bonus–filtered water is far better for the environment, considering the energy used to manufacture, deliver and dispose of plastic containers.

Because different filters are effective at removing different impurities, access the links to your Annual Water Quality Report for your area. Once you know what’s in your water, you’ll know what needs to be taken out.



Common Issues with Water Filters

I had a water filter installed and the water taste bad.

You should check the cartridge and see what you are trying to filter out of the water. You may have a sediment cartridge not a taste/odor cartridge. Also, be sure to replace the cartridge on a regular basis.

I installed a water filter but I have less pressure.

It’s normal to see a little decrease in pressure when you have a water filter. Just take a look at the filter and how water could pass threw it without being restricted? Now, if you have a major decrease in pressure where you can’t run more than 1 fixture at a time the filter may need to be changed or there is a problem somewhere else on the system.

I need replacement cartridges for my filter and I don’t know where to get them.

Like any appliance you need to save the literature that will tell the Brand and model number. With this information you will be able to order from the manufacturer or they will provide outlets close to you. If you don’t have the information, you should look on the housing of the filter for the information.