Water Service Repair

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Marietta-Water-ServiceThe Water Service is the section of piping that goes from the water meter to the home or business. Many times when there is a wet spot in the yard, it’s the water service that’s leaking. The city or county is responsible for the piping leading to the meter. The meter is usually located in the side walk, driveway, curb or just inside the property line.  The water service from the meter to the building is the responsibility of the building’s owner.

Pell Plumbing repairs or provides replacement of your water service.

Common Plumbing Issues with Water Service

My house was built in 1944 with lead water service line from the water main to the house. Now after 63 years, the lead pipe has burst beneath the house and water is welling up from beneath the floor. How is this repaired?
It’s not. You have lead, replace it!

We turned off the main water supply to the house, and the dial is still moving on the meter. Is it our responsibility to fix this?
From the meter to the house is the owner’s responsibility.

If you have a leak in the water service line would there be evidence of water in the trench, dirt around line?
Not necessarily.  Water will take the path of least resistance. Water can find its way to a creek or foundation drain, especially if the line is deep.

How deep is the water service line?
At a minimum, the water service needs to be below the frost line.  In Georgia, the frost line is one foot. In New York, it’s three feet. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be deeper. Every installation varies.

How can I repair leak in my home’s water service line?
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