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Honey, Don’t! Home Improvements that Call for a Professional

If you see yourself as a Weekend Warrior it can feel shameful to call a professional to work on your house. Shouldn’t you know how to fix that? There’s a reason home improvement masters get paid the big bucks and also why it’s impossible to find a good contractor: no one knows how to do everything. Save yourself from a night on the couch and a pretty deserved, “I told you so” and call a professional for these common home jobs before things get out of hand…

Installing New Lights or Switches: Whether you’re thinking about adding under cabinet lighting in the kitchen or you’d like some additional can lights in the bedroom, your best bet is to call an electrician…check Angie’s List for recommended pros in your Atlanta neighborhood. Once you open up walls and start stripping wires your odds of creating a new fire hazard or electrocuting yourself are, well, higher than you want them to so bite the bullet and call a professional. It’s not worth it to get nervous every time the cat falls asleep near an outlet.

“Fixing” the Water Heater: You’ve got a leak…seems simple enough, but what happens when that leak turns into a flood of boiling water? What about switching to a tankless heater…that should be easy to do yourself: the instructions are right on the box! Think again. One of Pell Plumbing’s professionals knows the right way to diagnose, change out or even uninstall a faulty water heater and that knowledge is worth every penny you’ll save in the long run. Unless your wife happens to like really, really cold showers.

Adding Cabinetry or Crown Molding: Okay, so you took shop in high school, you KNOW how to work a miter saw thankyouverymuch. But that saying “measure twice, cut once?” It was created for home improvement novices just like you and you’d better believe there’s nothing quite as precise as woodworking. Whether you’re adding a decorative touch, an entertainment system or simply installing pre-fab cabinetry you really need someone who knows how to level and cut right the first time. You’ll be glad you did when you’re not stuck tending one very expensive bonfire…

Even if it goes against your very nature to ask for help particularly in your own home, know that some things just aren’t meant for amateurs to do. You wouldn’t try to shoe a horse or install a new carburetor without professional assistance so take it from us and don’t break your house. You’re the one who’s going to have to live with the end result and though it seems more expensive upfront you’ll undoubtedly save yourself hundreds and even thousands in the long run by calling a reputable company like Pell Plumbing right off the bat.