dripping pipe

What That Bargain Plumber Isn’t Telling You

So the drip drip drip of your faucet finally drove you crazy or you came home and the basement had turned into a makeshift hot spring…you picked the first name out of the Yellow Pages and now you’re (still) waiting on the repairman to show up and hopefully fix your issues. Don’t be surprised when you end up with another problem next month and next year and the year after that – here are a few things your ‘bargain’ plumber isn’t telling you (and a few more reasons to call in real professionals like Pell Plumbing):

 “I’m not actually a plumber, perse…” – Wait, what? You read that right: a large portion of the “plumbing” industry is made up of contractors and general handymen with a few plumber’s tools. It’s a scary thought but it’s great side money…just don’t expect them to know what they’re doing.

“Yeah, I’m not cleaning that up…” – That giant puddle of slimy green-brown goo? Don’t expect your plumber to help with the clean-up – if he miraculously stops the leak he’s getting his check and then he’s outta there.

“This was an easy fix…over the phone.” – You, the homeowner, are often able to fix the issue with a little friendly advice but hey, what kind of cut-rate plumber’s making money off of free tips? The service fee alone was worth his trip out to your house.

“You’ve got a choice in all this, you know…” – When it comes to decisions about your plumbing be it ordering a new pipe or even changing the location of the whole sink, it’s up to you. If your plumber’s telling you it can’t be done or not even consulting with you when it comes to ordering parts, beware.

“Every customer’s got an ‘emergency,’ pal…” – You call in, knee deep in water expecting to incite as much alarm in your local plumber as you’re currently feeling and wouldn’t you know it you’re still 8th in line. The guy with the water heater leak is going to make your bargain professional just as much money as your tough, wet fix will so what incentive does he have to rush? Hint: none.

A plumbing problem whether an emergency or not is a stressful situation for any homeowner to be in but finding a reliable, knowledgeable Atlanta plumber is half the battle: that’s where Pell Plumbing comes in. When you trust your job to the real professionals you’re going to save yourself time and money in the long run – there are lots of home improvements it makes sense to go with the cheapest solution. Plumbing is not one of them.