leaves on roof

Regular DIY Jobs to Attend to Around the Home

Home improvement is a hobby that keeps on giving – there’s always plenty of it to do and if you enjoy getting stuck in to improving your property and ensuring it looks its best when you are unlikely to ever get bored. In fact, if you start repairing things and doing things yourself, then you will probably find that some of the jobs keep coming up again and again. Here we will look at the things you should be doing on a regular basis if you want to keep your home at its very best.

Cleaning Out the Gutters

Your gutters are tasked with the job of directing water away from your home. What happens here is that water runs down the side of your roof and then collects in the gutters in order to be directed away. Unfortunately, though they also collect other things like piles of wet leaves and twigs and branches. This then becomes a problem when they form a dam which prevents the water from flowing freely and causes it to pool up and start to overflow from the edges of the gutters. This then causes the water to run down the sides of the buildings leaving ugly trails of dirty water and potentially causing mold and other issues.

To clean them you simply need to remove the leaves and things, though sometimes you will also need to repair holes or even replace them.


Painting is not a fun job, but it has a very useful purpose and can be the difference between an old and battered looking home or one that looks clean and new. Remember to paint outside the house as well as inside.

Replacing Fence Panels

This is, unfortunately, a more common job than we would often like it to be, and heavy winds and rot and mold can cause fence panels to get damaged and eventually come away entirely leaving you with your security damaged and your home open to all comers.


Grouting means laying down new grout between your garden tiles, and this is a good way to make your patios and your front garden look a lot more attractive. If you don’t grout then you can end up with weeds and plants growing between them and these may also need weeding.

Mowing the Lawn and Weeding

Of course, weeding is also important in the back garden if you want to prevent your plants from being strangled to death, and you should also make sure to mow your lawn regularly to keep it looking trim and attractive.

Bleeding the Radiator

It’s hardly a glamorous job, but bleeding the radiator is something you should do regularly if you want to keep your heating as efficient as possible. This allows the warm water to travel equally around the radiator rather than just collecting in the bottom or a corner.


Want to make your stone or wooden flooring look as good as new again? With refinishing you can as this gets rid of chips and dents in your floor by bringing it all down to the same level. It’s also a lot of fun using the huge industrial sander.