Underground pipe leak

Locate Underground Pipes and Survey Markers on Your Property

Underground Pipe DetectionUsing a Plumbing Pipe Detector to Locate Underground Pipes

As a property owner there will be times when, for a variety of reasons, you will need to locate underground metal objects. For example, using a pipe locator metal detector you can easily pinpoint leaking underground pipes quickly. You might also find the need to locate underground pipes and cables during a new construction project.

Are you installing a new fence or shed on your property? You will most likely need to locate survey markers. The best and easiest way to find below-ground objects such as these is with a metal detector. Below is some information from industry expert Michael Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com which will help you identify the style of industrial metal detector that best meets your needs.

There are detection devices which are specially designed to locate buried pipes and liquid leaks in these pipes. Pool contractors and plumbing contractors alike will find liquid leak detectors a requirement for many jobs. Even in tough conditions, these devices can pinpoint leaks, which can save you a lot of time and expense.

To choose the best device, begin by identifying your specific industrial metal detector application:

  • Liquid Leak Detection
  • Pipe and Cable Locating
  • Boundary Marker Location
  • Valve, Box & Ferrous Location
  • Water Level Identification

Once you know which type of industrial detector you will need you can zero in on your best options. You can use Liquid Leak detectors for isolating leaks in underground pipes on your property. Pipe and Cable locators will help you find underground pipes, cables and tanks that are buried deeply below the earth. These objects might be below the frost line in many regions of the world. Boundary Marker locating metal detectors will assist in finding the stakes that mark the perimeter of an area. Iron and steel objects can be isolated with a valve, box & ferrous magnetometer. The final group of locating devices are water level indicators. These units will help you locate leaks in any type of buried pipe under the ground.

Whichever type of detector you get, you’ll want to get metal detecting headphones like the Audiophone II. It is through sound that the pipe and leak locating devices will let you know that you have found your target. The headphones block out exterior noise and let you easily hear the deeper softer signals. Take the time to research industrial metal detectors to select the best model for your job.

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