What Fantasy Football Can Teach Us About Home Remodeling

Lessons from the hit show, The League

Football has started, and between watching The League and remodeling my home, I’ve realized there are a few things fantasy football can teach us about home remodeling. The League follows a group of old friends in a fantasy football league who take every opportunity to make each other’s lives miserable. This comedy is great even if you don’t like fantasy football or even football for that matter. And, the show happens to teach us some good, if not obvious, lessons about home remodeling.


In order to know who you should play in a certain week, you need to know what’s going on – who is injured, who has been playing poorly, etc. Taco is notorious for not doing his research. In fact, his lineup is usually decided by Kevin or Jenny, who simply want to keep him in the league.

Preparation is also important when choosing to remodel your home. Researching a home remodeling company is a good place to start. It’s always a good idea to read reviews about the company you’re considering using. Being prepared financially is also important. Look at the different financing options that are available to you.

Listen to your wife.

Jenny, Kevin’s wife, was the only reason he did well in the beginning because she told him what moves to make and which players to start. Without her, Kevin is doomed. When she joins the league, he realizes just how bad he is at fantasy football.

Just like Jenny knows more about football than Kevin does, women tend to be better at making design decisions than men. The lesson here is: if your wife thinks something looks good and you don’t, she’s probably right.

Be Flexible

Sometimes, fantasy football requires some fast thinking. For instance, you may need to trade a player. Well, convincing your opponent may be tough, unless you’re willing to be flexible and help them out. In Season 2, everyone in the league agrees on an 8-way trade where each team owner makes a trade that will help them out, as well as everyone else.

Just like in fantasy football, sometimes the plans you have for your home remodel don’t always go as planned. For instance, you plan on putting in new granite tops, but instead, you have to fix a leak in your roof. Keep the big picture in mind and don’t let little setbacks get in the way of your original home remodel project.

Don’t judge a book (or house) by its cover

Andre, who despite his success as a plastic surgeon has continued to be the black sheep of the group since their high school days. This mainly has to do with his eccentric taste in fashion and his strange personality. Everyone in the group writes Andre off as a loser, but he somehow becomes the league’s reigning champion in Season 1.

Just as the group shouldn’t have judged Andre because of the way he looks (and acts), you shouldn’t judge a house by its exterior. Some of the strangest/oldest looking houses can be incredibly good looking on the inside. So, if you’re thinking of demolishing the whole house and starting over, remember: if the foundation is good, the rest can be fixed.

It’s not always a good idea to involve family:

Rafi, who is Ruxin’s brother-in-law, is a weird, creepy, dirty guy who everyone wants out of the league. It proved difficult since he is, after all, family. But, they were able to successfully rid the league of the “The Bro-Lo El Cuñado.”

When it comes to home remodeling projects, involving your family can do more harm than good. In my experience, it’s best to hire the experts and let them handle the project. Unless your brother-in-law is a contractor, designer, or decorator, it may be best to leave him out of it.

I hope the lessons I’ve learned from The League will help you in your home remodeling project. If you think of any more, please share. Oh, and if you haven’t yet, go watch The League. Even if you hate football, it will have you laughing out loud!