garbage disposal

Reasons why your garbage disposal gets jammed

There is any number of reasons why your garbage disposal gets jammed. One reason is that the wrong type of item falls in by accident. For example, a piece of silverware, such as a fork or knife, may get into your garbage disposal as you fill the sink with dirty dishes after dinner. Perhaps a plate or glass breaks in the sink and a piece of the broken item falls in. Either one of these can grind the gears in your garbage disposal and cause a nasty jam.

Another reason your garbage disposal can get jammed is that someone places an inappropriate article in it deliberately. Hopefully, the adults in your household wouldn’t do such a thing! Most likely though, if your garbage disposal gets stuck and you have a young child, you may find a doll’s armor plastic soldier wedged in there, causing the jam.

Hard water and a lack of cleaning can also cause your garbage disposal to jam. Hard water may leave mineral deposits on the working parts of your garbage disposal. These deposits can be cleaned by pouring vinegar down your garbage disposal on a regular basis (check with the manufacturer first, however). Over time, the mineral deposits can become heavy enough to cause your garbage disposal to grind to a halt, literally.

Arguably the most common way to jam garbage disposal is simply by putting too many items in it. Like anything else, your garbage disposal has a limit to how much it can handle at any one time. Think of your washing machine with a load that is too large. In the same way, by placing too much food at one time in your garbage disposal, you may find that it jams frequently.

These are just a few of the reasons why your garbage disposal gets jammed. With a little bit of care, you can avoid trouble with your garbage disposal and more importantly, you can avoid an unnecessary repair bill.