woman with technician

Need A Plumber?

For homeowners, finding the right plumber is important. Those who have ever hired the wrong one already know that. The right plumber shows up on time, does the job right, cleans up after himself, charges a fair price, communicates clearly what he has done and what still needs doing. He explains what the homeowner can do to avoid a callback. He may even tell the homeowner about things he could do to make his plumbing work better.

There are several ways to find a good plumber. One can ask for recommendations from friends and neighbors. Check the list of “Accredited Marietta Plumbers” at the website of the Marietta Better Business Bureau. The Georgia Secretary of State’s office also has a complete list of professionally licensed plumbers in their Professional Licensing division. Check the Online Yellow Pages for Marietta, Georgia. Their list includes customer reviews. Some listed plumbers even have star ratings. Some retail establishments frequented by building contractors might be willing to give advice. Hardware stores, lumber yards, plumbing supply businesses, and home improvement stores might be willing to share useful information. However, remember that such vendors are occasionally reluctant to make recommendations that some feel is giving preferential treatment to some of their customers. Also, some vendors might want to do the work themselves if they already work with someone.

A renter generally does not need to call a plumber. That is the job of the landlord. But sometimes when a plumbing problem needs attention immediately, it is hard to reach the landlord quickly enough. In those situations, it is good to ask the landlord ahead of time if he has a plumber he prefers to work with. In a new home, the builder may have a favorite plumber he could refer. The homeowners association can also be a resource.

The trick is to gather as much information as you can. Then get recommendations where they are available. Depending on how good you are at evaluating sources, you will soon find exactly the right plumber.