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Signs Your Pipes May Need Replacement

The pipes in your home are used constantly on a daily basis.  However, as they are largely out of your view, they are usually not an item you think too much about until a plumbing issue occurs.  While many plumbing issues can be resolved with repairs, there are times when you may need to consider replacing the piping altogether.

First, if your residence was built prior to 1986, the possibility exists that your pipes could cause lead poisoning.  This is a very serious matter, as lead poisoning can result in impeded development in children, and high blood pressure and kidney damage in adults.  If you live in an older home, contact a licensed plumbing professional as soon as possible to have your pipes inspected for lead.

Next, if you are experiencing low water pressure, it could mean that your pipes need replacing.  The main pipes leading into your home can become clogged over time with mineral deposits and sediment. This raises the acidity of the water, making it slowly deteriorate the pipes from the inside out.  Once this occurs, it is necessary to fully replace the damaged pipes.

Finally, if the color of the water coming from your taps is anything other than clear, you should contact a licensed plumber immediately, as it could be an indication of rust in your pipes.  While rust is not associated with any health risks, it is inconvenient in a variety of ways.  For example, it causes your drinking water to have an unpleasant taste.  Additionally, it hardens your water, making it inefficient in rinsing the soap out of your clothing, resulting in the stiff and discolored laundry.  It also makes it more difficult to wash the soap off of your dishes and your skin.

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