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Benefits of a Summer Drain Cleaning

Often people like to try “do it yourself” projects within their homes for certain chores. However, there are certain areas within home maintenance that are better left to the professionals to resolve. One such area is drain cleaning. Advertised on television or seen in stores, many people have seen commercials for high strength liquid drain cleaners. While that type of remedy may provide short term relief from clogs, it does not permanently correct the dilemma. Liquid drain cleaners are caustic. They are harmful to pipes as well as humans and pets.

Only a professional plumber can rid a drain of harmful debris. When there is a clog within a drain it is a breeding ground for bacteria. Dishes, utensils, kitchen gadgets are all in, for instance, a kitchen sink. It is not sanitary to have them in a sink where the drain beneath is multiplying germs as dishes are being washed. When the sink begins to back up causing stagnate water to collect there, that is unhealthy for people. If a bathroom drain is clogged, water collects within the shower while washing. This is also not a very hygienic experience. With a proper drain cleaning by a professional, harmful bacteria is extracted properly. During a drain cleaning, a plumber can remove the blockage that is currently causing an issue with proper use of the sink, bathtub or shower. This proper intervention can also be proactive, by cleaning the walls of the drain preventing future clogs.

Hair is the most common cause for clogs in bathtub and shower drains. Often, hair settled into the drain causes a foul odor. During a professional cleaning, a plumber can remove all hair and debris clogging the drain.

During a drain cleaning, a plumber can notice issues with the pipes themselves. Often, this can be the first time erosion or the beginning stages of pipe erosion is diagnosed. Summer drain cleanings are essential when properly maintaining a home. During the hustle and bustle of busy summer months, don’t neglect your drains.