remodeled kitchen

Hiring A Plumber To Remodel A Kitchen

If you’re doing repairs or making new installations in your home, your kitchen will be a major project. Remodeling your kitchen involves tearing out old cabinets, cupboards, sinks, countertops and replacing them with new cabinets and fixtures. While most new counters and sinks can be placed in any part of the kitchen with no problems, the plumbing and electricity may need to be rerouted in order to service your new sinks and relocated appliances, this is why it is highly important to hire the services of a professional plumber.

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen and redoing the piping for your sink and drain plumbing, you should have a professional plumber do the heavy work. Old pipes may have to be cut and new ones may need to be fabricated and installed where they will reach your new sink. If you’re not moving the new sink far from the old one, you may be able to simply attach extensions to where the old pipes are relocated so you don’t have to drill any new holes in the floor for the new pipes or have to redo your plumbing lines for the kitchen altogether.

Professional plumbers will be able to run drainage pipes down under your new sink and make sure they are connected with your current sewer pumps or septic system. They’ll also be able to run the hot and cold water lines up to the sink, which is usually copper pipes with shutoff valves. Plumbers may also be able to install new pipes such as PVC or steel pipes if you decide to redo the piping from your kitchen sink to the water tanks, and your new pipes can be fitted to your water tanks.

Before the new sinks and pipes can be installed, you’ll need to go over safety codes with the plumber and electricians to make sure your new system meets local safety laws and inspections. Before hiring a plumber to remodel your kitchen, you should ask them questions about how much experience they have had with meeting safety inspection requirements, and you may want to make sure your blueprints for the new kitchen don’t interfere with their pipework. Certification and experience are two musts when hiring a plumber for any household activity.