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Water lines are piping that brings the water through your home or business. Water lines are installed underground, under concrete slab, in a crawlspace, in a basement, behind walls or ceilings, and just about anywhere it’s needed to supply water to plumbing fixtures. This design of complex piping is known as your water distribution system.

There are many different types of material used to make the piping for the water distribution system. Some examples of piping are galvanized, copper, PVC, CPVC, PEX, and poly. Some homes and businesses may have a combination of material that makes repairs more difficult.

Regardless of the piping you may have, Pell Plumbing Co. Inc. is equipped to install or repair every type of piping for every situation. Call our water line repair specialists in Marietta at (770) 659-7133 today!

Common Plumbing Issues with Water Lines

My water lines make a loud noise when water is shut off.

This is called water hammer. The sudden closing of a valve will create shock waves that will vibrate the pipe. The vibrating pipe will bang against some wood creating the noise. Excess pressure on the water supply could be a contributing factor. Check the house pressure. It should be between 50-70 psi. You can also install water hammer arrestors. They are air chambers that act as shock absorbers and should be installed as close to the fixture as possible.

When my washing machine is on,I don’t have any water pressure in the bathroom.

There could be several reasons for this, but the most common problem is the pressure in the house is not regulating properly. It is normal to notice a small decrease in pressure when two or more fixtures are on at the same time but you still should have sufficient flow to each fixture. You need to check the Pressure Regulator Valve or sometimes called the Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV). This part has two purposes as its name states, reduce and regulate pressure.

Street pressure from the city could be well over 100psi and this part reduces pressure to 50-70 psi (70 psi is the maximum working pressure for all your appliances and faucets). If you exceed this, problems start happening. Toilets start to run, faucets start dripping, and pipes start making noises; it could be disastrous.

The part also regulates pressure, which allows you to use more than one fixture without noticing a decrease in pressure. It automatically adjusts the water flow to accommodate the demand.

Water Service Repair

The water service is the section of piping that goes from the water meter to the home or business. Many times when there is a wet spot in the yard, it’s the water service that’s leaking. The city or county is responsible for the piping leading to the meter. The meter is usually located in the side walk, driveway, curb, or just inside the property line. The water service from the meter to the building is the responsibility of the building’s owner.

Pell Plumbing Co. Inc. repairs or provides replacement of your water service.

Common Plumbing Issues with Water Service

My house was built in 1944 with lead water service line from the water main to the house. Now after 63 years, the lead pipe has burst beneath the house and water is welling up from beneath the floor. How is this repaired?

It’s not. You have lead, replace it!

We turned off the main water supply to the house, and the dial is still moving on the meter. Is it our responsibility to fix this?

From the meter to the house is the owner’s responsibility.

If you have a leak in the water service line would there be evidence of water in the trench, dirt around line?

Not necessarily. Water will take the path of least resistance. Water can find its way to a creek or foundation drain, especially if the line is deep.

How deep is the water service line?

At a minimum, the water service needs to be below the frost line. In Georgia, the frost line is one foot. In New York, it’s three feet. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be deeper. Every installation varies.

Schedule your water line repair service in Marietta by calling Pell Plumbing Co. Inc. at (770) 659-7133 today. We have been serving customers throughout the community since 1994!

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