Using Feng Shui for your bathroom

Feng shui is the art of achieving balance in any given space to attract wonderful fortune and a life of happiness for those who inhabit that space. Feng shui is very popular among homeowners, especially when it comes time to planning, decorating or renovating their homes. Feng shui is thought to assist in bringing peace and a sense of quiet to negative life aspects as well as bringing wealth and fortune in some instances. However, the bathroom is a particularly challenging room when attempting to balance the negative aspect of bathrooms with feng shui. To ensure your home is balanced and achieves perpetual harmony consider some of the following tips when deciding where to place your bathroom.

Bathrooms in the Center

When it comes to feng shui, a bathroom that is positioned in the center of the home is considered less than favorable. Center bathrooms are labeled as having bad feng shui and this position should be avoided where possible. If you’re lucky enough to be at the planning stage of your home’s layout, then avoid placing your bathroom in the center location. On the other hand, your bathroom is already in the center, all is not lost. You could move the bathroom if you’re undertaking full renovations or you can use feng shui to counteract the issues.

Because the center of the home is likened to the home’s heart, it is here that all the energy of the home flows. Therefore, it’s imperative that your center bathroom is kept free of clutter and maintained in a clean state every day. That way, all the energy within the home can flow more freely rather than become stagnate within a dirty and cluttered bathroom. Keeping the interior of the bathroom light and bright will also improve the energy by way of reflecting positive energy.

Southwest Bathrooms

Relationships, love, and marriage are what the southwest area of your home represents in terms of feng shui. So if your bathroom is positioned in this area you could very well be experiencing problems with your close relationships. Southwest bathrooms are not the perfect bathroom position but you can take steps to ensure your love life and friendships are not badly affected if this is where your bathroom is placed. When decorating your bathroom, think about colors and accessories that represent feelings of love, such as deep rich red colors, candles, and even an image hung on the wall of two people in love can be helpful. A southeast bathroom position is to be avoided as this area represents wealth and the last thing anyone wants to do is flush their wealth away or watch it ‘go down the drain’.

West and Northwest Bathrooms

The west and northwest areas of the home are associated with the element of metal. The problem with bathrooms and metal is that water weakens the metal. So to counteract the weakening effect it’s important to give strength to the metal and attempt to weaken the water element. Colors such as metallic grey, white or those that represent earthy tones such as sand and yellow, are excellent ways to support the metal element. Try to avoid placing too many mirrors in the bathroom and opt for framed or beveled edged mirrors as your first choice.

Bathrooms can be quite a challenging aspect of feng shui when it comes to positioning, but they have an essential role to play in our daily lives and must be managed as best as possible. The best thing to do is use the power of feng shui to combat the negative effects that bathrooms can bring to the energy in your life. Remember, wherever your bathroom is positioned, always keep it squeaky clean and tidy to ensure positive energy flows throughout your home.

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