The Dangers of a Natural Disaster

flooded room

When natural disaster strikes, be it a hurricane, flood or fire, your thoughts turn first to loved ones and next to the property.  Once family, friends, and pets are secure, it’s time to assess the toll taken on your home.  Whether you’re coping with the wind, water or fire damage, it’s important to retain an experienced disaster repair service to secure both your property and your state of mind.


Hurricanes and tropical cyclones are capable of creating tremendous damage, bringing high winds and floods that damage and destroy property when the storm makes landfall.  Rated on a scale from one to five, a Category-1 hurricane can cause some damage to trees and shrubs, and mobile homes are also susceptible.  When a storm reaches Category-2 status, with sustained wind speeds up to 110 miles per hour, rooftops are damaged and full-grown trees are blown down.  Category-3 hurricanes can cause damage to small structures and completely destroy a mobile home.  A Category-4 hurricane, with the wind speeds up to 155 miles per hour and waves surging from 13 – 18 feet, can cause extensive flooding to structures near the shoreline.  And when a storm reaches Category-5 status, with wind speeds exceeding 155 miles per hour and waves topping 18 feet, extensive damage occurs to homes and substantial flooding damages the lower floors of buildings.


A storm’s gale force winds can rip through your home’s windows and doors, tear off roofs and garage doors, and even damage the foundation.  Water damage can be particularly destructive, destroying treasured possessions, wood floors, carpeting and walls, all while creating the perfect breeding ground for dangerous mold to grow.  Water extraction and structural drying should be employed immediately; left untreated, the presence of mold in your home can contribute to a range of health problems, including allergies.  Mold spores can irritate the eyes, the airways, and trigger asthma attacks in sensitive family members.


When fire strikes, the devastation is so sudden that it can be difficult to assess the destruction and take appropriate steps toward restoring your home. Once the smoke clears and you’re forced to confront charred walls, singed ceilings, and smoky furniture, it’s important to consult a professional restoration team. Smoke can penetrate into all areas of a structure, impacting heating and electrical systems, plumbing and electronic equipment. To ensure your family’s safety and well-being, seek out a competent disaster repair service in the aftermath of a fire or storm.

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