Things that WILL Clog Your Pipes

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Plumbers everywhere have horror stories galore of pulling full-sized action figures, phones and even clothing out of clogged drains. But what about the everyday items you’re putting down your drains without even considering their impact? Your friends at Pell Plumbing want to gently remind you these items have no place in your drains but if they find themselves there, give Pell a call.

Garbage Disposal No-Nos:

Pasta Noodles: Maybe you assume they’ll get chopped to bits, but pasta expands in pipes just like in your stomach. It’s the number-one culprit of clogged family garbage disposals.

Bones: You’re thinking “Bones! Who would do that?” or “Sure, why would I NOT put bones down my disposal?” If you’re in the latter group, please just don’t for the sake of your sink.

Veggie Peels: Think twice about grinding those carrot peels or potato skins – they’re terrible for the gears on your disposal. Scrape into a bowl then trash them all instead to keep your sink working properly.

Toilet Troubles:

Toilet Paper: Huh? Mass marketing of ultra-soft and ultra-strong toilet paper has been great for consumer’s behinds, but it’s terrible for finicky plumbing. Choose a mid-grade paper that’s not so strong it won’t dissolve easily…that’s how the toilet gets clogged.

Hair: You may think your toilet is hair free but think again. If you have a small bathroom, you may be shedding hair directly into the toilet and not even know it. Close the lid when you’re blow-drying or brushing your hair and whatever you do, don’t cut your hair over the toilet. That’s just asking for it.

Miscellaneous Drain Pointers:

Bath Salts: Ladies, you may think they dissolve completely but many brands are so coarsely milled they stay the size of tiny pebbles – this means trouble when landing in your drain.

Washer Lint: That’s right, washer lint. Install a lint catcher (available at most hardware stores) on your washing machine drain as these kinds of clogs can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. These are way worse than your run of the mill plunger clogs…

If you still find yourself with an immoveable clog after following these handy-dandy tips, don’t hesitate to call Pell Plumbing. We'll get you clog-free in a jiffy and hopefully identify the culprit so you can keep fighting the uphill battle that is not clogging your pipes.

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