What Causes my Faucets to Drip?

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A dripping faucet can be a very challenging problem for homeowners who have the little plumbing experience. The reason it is such a daunting task is that the leak can be caused by several different reasons. While many of these reasons are easy to fix, the problem for homeowners is not understanding which fixes to tackle first. Here are some of the common causes of the faucet dripping.

The Damaged O Ring - One of the first places to look when trying to diagnose a dripping faucet is the o ring. To hold the handle of your faucet in place, a long stem screw is utilized. That screw includes a very small disc that usually is the point where water can leak. If the ring gets worn or loose, water can easily get by it. Replacing the ring is very simple and can be purchased at your local hardware store.

The Corroded Valve Seat - The connection from the spout to the faucet is known as the valve seat. When sediment and minerals deposit in the valve seat, it can cause it to slowly corrode. Over time that corrosion will start the faucet to drop around the spout. If you can clean that valve seat on a regular basis it will not corrode and last significantly longer.

The Broken Washer - Each time that you turn on the water, the washer is being forced to the valve seat. That friction happens each day several times and is the cause of the washer becoming worn out or broken. The end result is a dripping faucet because water can now easily get passed the damaged washer. This is another inexpensive part that can be found at your local hardware store. Once a new one is installed the leak should stop.

Be certain to install these small parts with caution. One other reason for a dripping faucet is when these parts are installed incorrectly. If the parts are not seated correctly or the wrong size, a leak will be the end result. If you have trouble with the installation, contact a professional plumber to help complete the job.

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