Keep Moisture Out of Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the part of the house which is most susceptible to ventilation problems. And if you’re not careful and vigilant enough, your bathroom can easily become a breeding ground of molds and mildew. With all the moisture that your bathroom accumulates on a daily basis, the growth of molds and development of certain odors is only natural. For this reason, an extractor fan is an integral part of any bathroom.

A Must

An extractor fan is necessary in any bathroom because this space is always prone to a lot of condensation. The air carries with it extra water molecules which means that there is excessive moisture in bathrooms, making the growth of fungi and other forms of mold very favorable. Not only do certain microorganisms find it easier to thrive in such moist conditions but when humid indoor air does not leak out of the room, odors and pollutants are trapped inside the room. Outdoor air must be continuously introduced inside bathrooms to replace the moist indoor air and dilute any pollutants.

Choosing Extractor Fans

The prime consideration which you have to think about when choosing extractor fans is the size of your bathroom. The size of your fan should be commensurate to the overall size of your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, then you need only a smaller-sized extractor fan. On the other hand, a bigger fan is needed for a larger bathroom. You know that a fan is appropriate for your bathroom when it is capable of providing 15-20 air changes per hour in a normal-sized bathroom. At the same time, look for a brand which is efficient at blocking the re-entry of cold indoor air as well as blocking warm air from escaping.

Types to Choose From

There are two standard types of extractor fans available in any hardware store. The first type is the axial fan which is mounted in either a window or an exterior wall through ducts. On the other hand, the centrifugal extractor fan can be mounted on ceilings because it can withstand air pressure resistance.

Because extractor fans can also be installed in kitchens, extractor fans come in different voltages, but low voltage fans are recommended for bathrooms. The latest models are often automatic in nature meaning that they are activated by humidity levels. Some models are also self-regulated which means that they come with a timer and a controller helping to regulate rates of air exchanges and flows for better efficiency.

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