Tips on Properly Maintaining your Drain

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One of the most stressful times for a homeowner is when the drain lines back up. The backups can end up being very costly and happen at the worst possible time. There are steps a homeowner can take to make sure the drain lines are properly maintained and minimize, and even eliminate, rain problems.

The most vulnerable drain line from the home carries the waste water from the home to the septic system or municipal sewer. If the piping is old and constructed with any material but high-density polyethylene (HDPE), there is good chance roots from vegetation, especially trees, will damage the pipe. Tree roots have a habit of growing into the pipe, breaking the bell and spigot and compromising the integrity of the pipe. Roots often clog the pipe and cause a backup into the house.

There are drain service companies that provide maintenance on drain lines. Video cameras provide easy access to the piping system and show the interior of the pipe. The service technician can watch the video as the camera makes its way through the pipe, or record the video for later viewing, and identify areas where the pipe may be compromised, especially if a clog is beginning to form. This will allow the corrective steps to be taken and the necessary professional brought in to repair the problem.

Since maintenance is the most cost-effective form of upkeep, homeowners should consider hiring a drain service company to flush out the drain lines periodically. Drain Service technicians can accomplish this by sending a snake through the drain line. The snake is a wire with a cutting head that has the ability to be pushed through the line by hand or by a mechanical crank. Hydro jetting is a technique that delivers a stream of water at a high velocity through the piping system. Any debris builds up will be blown through the pipe to the outlet, usually a manhole. Either method will keep the drain line free and clear.

Interior drain pipes will also be well served with routine maintenance. Drain pipes that are snaked or flushed at the beginning of the run will keep the debris build-up to a minimum and keep the system free and clear. This will prevent build up of waste such as toilet paper, human waste and anything else that gets flushed into the system.

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