How Tree Roots can Damage your Sewer Line

tree roots

The penetration of tree roots into the sewer lines is a problem that can eventually cause the need to replace the pipes. If you want to avoid a complete sewer line replacement in the near future, then you need to keep tree roots out of sewer lines. Tree root infiltration causes damage to the sewer line. Sewer lines create a nutrient-rich environment for tree roots to thrive on. Once roots have made their way into the sewer, they can block the pipes and cause drainage problems, which often requires complete replacement of the sewer lines. There are things that can be done to prevent root damage and keep your home’s waste plumbing flowing freely.

If you are a property owner who is experiencing sewer backups, you will discover that tree roots in your sewers are to be blamed for your sewer problems. You need to understand that tree roots invade sewer lines that have broken as a result of earth settlement, age or dried joints, and leak sewage. Adjacent roots from shrubbery or trees, which need nutrients and moisture, soon invade the surrounding area. Tree roots enter the already defective sewer line and eventually block the flow. If you suspect that tree roots are invading your sewer line, call a licensed plumbing company and have the sewer line cleared.

It is advisable to hire the services of a qualified plumber if you do not have proper training in this area. While a bit of DIY is not a bad thing sometimes, plumbing problem is a serious matter, and any serious plumbing issues can lead to more costly repairs if not handled correctly and promptly. If you really don’t have the skills to deal with plumbing issues, then save yourself the hassles and trouble and let a qualified plumber handle the whole job. Attempting to fix plumbing problems without the proper knowledge and skills is not a wise thing to do and could get things wrong. Avoid spending far more money than you actually need to; get a professional plumber to fix the problems for you.

We have the expertise to fix the problem correctly. Our team of plumbing professionals is the most experienced and most qualified plumbing experts working today in this city. Our top-notch plumbers can accurately diagnose and quickly resolve all plumbing problems.

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