Want to Save Money Through Bathroom Remodeling?

dropping money in a toilet

The monthly bills are a necessary evil in the world of living in a home. With a mortgage, a car payment, and the many jobs that pop up with owning a home; reducing whatever bills a homeowner can is to their advantage. If a person who owns a home can reduce all of their monthly bills, the homeowner has more money in their pocket to not only work on their house, but it also enables them to plan for the future. Every home can reduce their monthly bills simply by remodeling their bathroom.

The only room in the house that may use up more of the monthly bills than the bathroom is the kitchen. Every time someone walks into the bathroom the utility meters start rolling. The toilet is used the most and is the first place to start with reducing the monthly bills. The toilet uses a lot of water to flush and increases the water bill each time it flushes. If a low fill water efficient toilet is installed, this toilet alone can reduce the water bill by almost 25%. A normal toilet flushes 4.5 gallons per flush whereas the low flush toilet only uses 1.6 gallons per flush. That creates a savings of about 3 gallons per flush. As soon as the faucets are turned on the water bill starts pouring out of your pocket.

Energy efficient and water efficient faucets and shower heads increase the water pressure so that the water pressure while at the same time using less water and less heat energy from the water heater. This helps solve both the electric and water bills. With these two changes alone, the homeowner decreases the water bill by almost 50% and the electric bill by 10%. When these items are added to installing energy-saving LED lights and energy efficient windows which allow less heat and air escape out the window, the homeowner’s monthly bills could be lowered by almost 60%. This monthly saving could add up to a large amount of money in a very short time.

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