Repiping Your Bathroom

Changing pipes on a sink

Bathroom repiping can take a variety of time depending on multiple factors. No two homes are identical, and the piping of each home can be in a wide variety of different locations. Additionally, the age of your home and the piping will play a vital role in determining the length of time it takes to finish repiping.

Bathrooms that have easy access are going to be the ones with the quickest repair time. Both mobile homes and single-story homes are usually built with this type of bathroom. Access to the pipes is generally all done through the bathroom and under the home, which can take as little as 30 minutes. Most piping in easy access bathrooms will not require the plumber to go under the home.

In the event of a plumber having to access pipes under the home, additional time should be factored in. There are many conditions a plumber may be faced with and access to under the home pipes may be difficult. It’s best to know whether your home has basement access, crawl space or around the home skirting. All three types are relatively simple to access, but basement access is the most convenient.

Pipes that are in poor condition may be difficult to work with and added time is necessary to additionally prep the older pipes. If your home has not had previous plumbing issues and is over 10 years old, count on additional time for the plumber to replace the old piping. Older homes may use a number of different pipes and the time it takes to replace them can vary widely.

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, the process of repiping can take a significant amount of time. Most contract jobs will require a period of time to perform the teardown of the old pipes and another period of time to install new piping. The total time required to complete the replacement of piping during the remodeling of a bathroom is greatly dependent on how large scale the remodel is.

The time it takes for a bathroom repiping depends on many factors. The size of the bathroom and the location of the piping will determine how long it takes for replacement.

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